Essays by altalogy


Creativity often arises from non-obvious sources or seemingly random interactions.

What is planned to result from a meticulous copywriter's work can very well start as a subtle off-topic on a phone call.


Overwhelming temptation to make interfaces into overpainted chinaware occurs on occasion.

But unless vibrant design serves the usability purpose, it’s an obstacle.

Once in need to use color, dye your hair blue.

But leave your background white.

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The art is in noticing and immediately acting on it. You might be surprised by how close it was to the final version.

Though-through interactions, too.

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The clean and minimalistic design is the gold standard.

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Contents of this essays come from Hummingbird, Layer & Vertex project. 
Designed by Marta, Wojtek, thoughts collected by Dawid, on 05/2024.

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