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Any questions?

What's your pricing model?
Dawid Cedrych · CEO
It depends! For design, we're happy to propose fixed-price projects for a well-defined scope. However, after we build this initial relationship, our clients like to come back and be like "How can I get more?".
So then, we offer retainers with a dedicated team. Development is handled almost* always on a retainer basis. Our minimum project size is $18,000, and our blended hourly rate is $150**
* - We're happy to offer fixed-price webflow development.
** - We love cutting awesome deals for companies we genuinely adore and believe in. Is that you?
Sounds reasonable, what's your standard design process?
Wojtek Losa · Design Lead
It's a 6-week process broken down into a couple phases. Think of it as a funnel.
Think of it as a funnel.
We start with broad exploration, but with each stage, we narrow it down based on what we discover and discuss with you.
The trick is the funnel is translucent. So we’re never fixated on a single idea and can always bring a fresh viewpoint even late in the process.
Nice, would love to hear more about the logistics
Marta Olczak · Head of Design
You choose how hands-on/hands-off you like to be.
However, we need you the most in the first phases to capture the visual language and information hierarchy together.
We’re really flexible here, but usually:
We set up a slack channel for ongoing async communication
Conduct workshops on a video call - kick-off, moodboards, stylescapes and first UI iteration
Record Loom demos whenever it makes sense

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